InfoComm Spotlight: PLANAR’s Steve Seminario Talks with rAVe RADIO’s Joel Rollins About Where Planar Is and Where It’s Going

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planarlogo-0513In today’s InfoComm Spotlight Podcast Series, rAVe RADIO’s Joel Rollins sits down and talks to PLANAR’s Senior Director, Global Product Marketing, Steve Seminario. Planar’s latest includes an 84″ 4K display and its Mosaic series of variable-sized flat-panel displays. The Mosaic Series is billed as a set of architectural video displays that are available in sizes from 22″ square to 46″ and 55″ 16:9 displays. The 84″ 4K display is the largest 4K flat-screen on the market and Planar has got more to come. Listen to this interview for clues to the company’s InfoComm offerings.

Here’s Joel’s podcast with him: