Ihiji VIP and DVP: Delivering Insight for Enhanced Visibility and Monitoring Capabilities

Austin, TX & San Diego, CA (August 3, 2017) – Ihiji, the leading provider of Remote Systems Management (RSM) solutions for technology integrators since 2009, announced its new Ihiji Vendor Insights Program (VIP) and Device Visibility Protocol (DVP) at ISE 2017 in Amsterdam. Together, these offerings provide participating device manufacturers and their dealers with insights as to how their products perform post-installation. Since launching VIP less than a year ago, Ihiji will have added nearly twenty manufacturer partners to the program by the CEDIA show in San Diego on September 5-9, 2017.

The Ihiji VIP provides members with access to the Ihiji DVP, the first-and-only standard allowing consumer electronics manufacturers and their dealers to gain rich insights about their installed hardware. The innovative protocol is easy for manufacturers to implement in all network-based products to ensure robust and reliable monitoring and management. Furthermore, it ensures the product and engineering teams only have to implement one remote monitoring protocol across all of the manufacturer’s devices. Ihiji works closely with the partners to assist in the design and implementation of the DVP.

Official Ihiji VIP Partners Include (As of July 2017):


APC by Schneider Electric

Audio Control



Middle Atlantic Products







TechLogix Networks


Dealers implementing Ihiji’s RSM solutions benefit from specifying participating manufacturers’ products through better visibility into device health, cross-compatibility with other products, more robust documentation, and the ability to provide world-class service and support to their customers.

“We are pleased with the industry enthusiasm around the Device Visibility Protocol and continued addition of VIP partners,” says Michael Maniscalco, Co-Founder and VP of Product at Ihiji. “These manufacturing partners are leading the industry forward in its pursuit of deeper device visibility which ultimately provides benefits to manufacturers, dealers and their customers. The long-term goal is to collect health and performance data at a scale which enables machine learning and contextual awareness to deliver a better technology experience to end users.”

Dealer and manufacturers interested in learning more about the VIP, DVP or the award-winning Ihiji platform can visit Ihiji at CEDIA in booth #3329, www.ihiji.com,