HDMI Grows in Mobile Phones

HDMI_adapter-0111HDMI-enabled mobile phone shipments grew to over 1 million in 2010, In-Stat reports. This growth is partly thanks to the increase in phones able to capture 720p HD video. However HDMI must convince more phone vendors and OEMs to include the additional port in their devices — HDMI faces competition from new interfaces like Mobile High-definition Link (MHL).

Currently HDMI-enabled CE accounts for over 350m device 2010 device shipments. In-Stat predicts HDMI device shipments will increase by 20.8 percent annually through 2014 — increasingly gaining traction in mobile PCs, graphics cards and PC monitors. Meanwhile DVI will start its inevitable decline from 2011 (its last year of growth according to In-Stat) as it faces competition from HDMI and DisplayPort.