GPO Display Releases Wall Calibrator Software for Datacolor’s SpyderX Pro Color Analyzer

datacolor spyder x

GPO Display just unveiled the Wall Calibrator (AutoCALI) software, a tool designed for use with the SpyderX Pro color analyzer from Datacolor. This pairing allows for quick color and brightness calibration of GPO Display’s NEX-series video wall displays. The Wall Calibrator software addresses this challenge by providing an easy and user-friendly solution for maintaining consistent color and brightness across all displays in a video wall.

Key features of the Wall Calibrator (AutoCALI) software include:

  • Multi-Point Color & Luminance Measurements: The software allows users to measure color coordinates and luminance at various points on individual displays.
  • Array Target Values: The Wall Calibrator automatically translates users’ color and brightness measurements into array target values, making the calibration process straightforward.
  • User-Friendly Calibration: GPO Display has made the calibration process as simple as possible. Users only need to position their SpyderX Pro analyzer at the calibration points on the displays and click a button, eliminating the need for complex adjustments on the front end. Fine-tune adjustments can be made following auto-calibration.
  • GPO says this software is especially valuable when an individual display in a video wall is replaced after several years, as it “helps bridge the gap between the new display and aging displays, preventing brightness mismatches and ensuring a uniform viewing experience.”

GPO Display Wall Calibrator (AutoCALI) software is included with Datacolor’s SpyderX Pro color analyzer.