Google Music Beta


Google Music Beta.

Since this year’s Google I/O (When Google Music Beta was announced and released) I have been excited to get an invite sent my way. A few days ago mine came in the (G)mail! Huzzah! I’ve been playing with it now on different devices (Android(s) and some of the non Droid Variety) to get that “kick the tires” experience. So far, so good in overall user experience.

Before I get comments about this being iTunes, yes it’s very similar in some ways, but in the cloud with a few bonus features, and it’s Double Awesome, so there’s that. So far I’ve noticed:

It will run on all Android devices, including tablets and your mobile phones.

-You’ll be able to create custom playlists

-You’ll be able to edit track info, get play counts, etc.

-Music will be available when you’re offline, too

-Users can upload and store songs to a cloud-based directory

-Users can wirelessly and automatically sync playlists from the web to connected devices and vice versa

As you may or may not now, I’m kinda a Google Android nerd, and enjoy my fare share of Google products, which is why I am going to love reviewing and comparing Apple’s iCloud when it finally hits the masses along with iOS5. Not that I think it will be better or innovative like it will be announced to be when it is finally released, but because it’s nice to have options on multiple platforms (remember when I learned to Think Different?).

I’d love to see Google Music stay free forever but as you and I both know, that would just be awesome, and by that logic it won’t stay free forever. When something is awesome and has a huge following, it sure doesn’t stay free for very long. Before that happens you should:

  1. Request an Invite
  2. Upload your music
  3. Download the Android app

All of these things are completely free and only cost you your time to rip the beats in your music vault to the cloud. The only down side I have heard of so far is the amount of time you will spend loading music, but this is all based on how much music you have and your bandwidth.

Google’s Music Beta is simply a better way to play your music. Upload your personal music collection to listen anywhere, keep everything in sync, and forget the hassle of cables and files. Watch the official video Here .