GDS exhibiting interactive QSR drive-thru display solution at DSE2016

phptZUHyUAMMarch 8, 2016 – Rockford, Illinois – GDS, Inc. (Global Display Solutions), a world leader in display technology for outdoor digital signage is exhibiting an interactive drive-thru solution for the QSR market at Digital Signage Expo booth #822.  The 46” LCD screens create camera to camera interaction similar to FaceTime® resulting in an improved store/customer connection.

The majority of sales are derived from the drive-thru lane and QSR’s recognize the need to bring the store experience to the customer’s car through the use of digital technology.

There are two main challenges with an interactive, outdoor installation.  The first is posed by the outdoor environment requiring a display that can withstand extreme heat without the noise and interference of an air conditioner while protecting against rain, dust, cold and snow.  The second challenge is to improve customer satisfaction by the creation of face time with the store employee.

GDS’s interactive drive-thru solution has proven field operation and front-of-screen performance.  The sunlight readable, full outdoor LCD display with an integrated camera and microphone are available now to deploy in drive-thru lanes and are designed and manufactured to withstand the worst of Mother Nature.  Replicating the in-store experience through technology, a live video feed of the store employee can be coupled with order confirmation and advertising on one screen to maximize utilization of these digital screens, increase customer interaction and improve efficiency.

We Know Outdoor!

GDS MIDAS QSR outdoor displays are designed to operate efficiently under full sunlight conditions without the adverse effects of solar loading on the LCD panel. MIDAS QSR is designed to operate 24/7 and includes a built-in diagnostic system to monitor the operational performance of the display. The GDS LCD displays are designed and manufactured to withstand the rigors of rain, snow, heat, cold, dust and extreme temperature ranges.  They feature optical bonding, thermal management, and remote diagnostics to monitor the display from a central location and are engineered so customers with polarized sunglasses can easily read the screen.

About GDS

Since more than 35 years, we provide perfect digital display performances at lowest total cost of ownership based on LCD TFT, LED and E Ink technologies.  For every Public Information Display we develop, we are passionately committed to deliver total customer satisfaction in design, manufacturing, installation and lifetime support.

GDS stands out from the competition, always innovating its technologies and products, and also its organization and how we meet our customers’ needs:  it is not just innovation, but innovation shaped around our customers.  That is why we are continuously improving and investing in new solutions and applications, to help our partners grow and evolve.