AV Power Up! – Episode 46: We’re Talking -Another- WIN for the AV Industry

AVPowerUp_750x400It was in May of 2015 that we did a show titled “We’re Talking a WIN for the AV Industry” – it went like this:

Welcome to the episode that gets right to the point — women, AV and the newly formed InfoComm council whose mission is as follows:

To provide a global community of InfoComm members and other professionals committed to supporting and empowering women who work in the technology and AV industry.

Now we’re back, with a new Crew and another show that focuses on the Women of InfoComm Network (WIN). Where are we now as an industry concerning the women that are a part of it? What does the future look like?

Join the Crew: Corey Moss, Johnny Mota, Katye McGregor Bennett, Stacy Kringlen, Victoria Barela and new member Deron Pinchback as they welcome their guests:

phpyjZun2AMBetsy Jaffe (@Betsy4ProAV) – Sr. VP of Member Services at InfoComm International and Women of InfoComm Network Staff Liaison

Penny Sitler (@DraperInc) – Marketing Manager at Draper Inc. and Women of InfoComm Network Chair

Hope Roth (@BeerAndPie) – Crestron Certified Programmer at Riordan Brothers Integration and a member of InfoComm’s WIN Council

On this show the Crew talks with their guests about all that is taking place with WIN phpMxGJbFAMand women in the industry. Betsy tells us about what took place with WIN at Integrated Systems Europe as well as developments with the organization, Penny tells us about the experience of being named the new Chair of the WIN Council (succeeding Erin Bolton) as well as what she looks forward to with the organization and Hope tells us about being a part of the WIN efforts, her presentation at last year’s InfoComm show Council meeting and her involvement in CTS certification for women for the organization (which she does along with Christa Bender @AVChrista). Tremendous contributions here from all three of our guests.

In this episode we also focused discussion on the following:

php6JUNegAMGary Kayye’s Rave Radio Rants and rAVes Episode 493: “Are Young Women Discriminated Against in the ProAV Market? You Bet They Are!”

A Fast Company article “Why Millennial Women Are Burning Out

Our new Crew for 2016 is finally set – we officially welcomed Victoria and Deron aboard and introduced them on this show. We look forward to great contributions from the both of them (to go along with more of Johnny’s usual Stuff n’ Things).

And of course what is a discussion about women in the industry without our future woman of AV – Stacy’s daughter Natalie. Stay around till the end to hear her.

So sit back, plug in and enjoy a great hour of conversation – and of course get ready to…


Power Up!