Rants and rAVes — Episode 493: Are Young Women Discriminated Against in the ProAV Market? You Bet They Are!

rants-493We employ a lot of women and also a lot of young women – either through our internship programs or even full-time rAVe team members. I asked three of them, along with Broadsign’s Director of Marketing, Stephanie Gutnik  to join me on a special podcast that is long over-due. rAVe’s Editor-in-Chief, Sara Abrons, rAVe’s Director of Social Media, Emily Dean and my own daughter (a 4-year intern with my company), Annabelle Kayye, joined me and Stephanie to discuss the institutionalized-discrimination that happens when you’re a woman just starting out in AV.

Did I mention this would be controversial?

And, this won’t stop with us just discussing this here. In the coming days, we will be launching a plan, with the Women in InfoComm Network (WIN), to help fix this once and for all. We hope that you will support this plan that will be creative and revolutionary in world of technology in the way it addresses both the sexism and ageism issue. Stay tuned…