Fulcrum Acoustic Unveils Subcardioid Coaxial Loudspeaker Product Line

Fulcrum Acoustic has launched the CCX12, a 12-Inch Subcardioid Coaxial Loudspeakers. Joining the CCX1295 (90° x 45°) announced last summer, the line now features a full range of horn patterns allowing coverage to be tailored for a wide range of applications. New models include the CCX1265 (60° x 45°), CCX1277 (75° x 75°), CCX1200 (100° x 100°) and CCX1226 (120° x 60°).

The CCX12 product family marks the first application of Fulcrum’s Passive Cardioid Technology in their extensive TQ Install line of versatile installation loudspeakers. CCX12 loudspeakers provide 9 dB of low frequency attenuation in the rear hemisphere without requiring additional cancellation drivers, amplifiers or signal processing channels.

Fulcrum Acoustic says the CCX12 subcardioid coaxial loudspeakers are effective for high-fidelity, foreground distributed systems, as well as for systems requiring targeted pattern control. Their unique trapezoidal shaped enclosures allow for mounting very close to ceilings with minimal effect on sight lines, which facilitates acceptance by interior designers and architects.

Details on the CCX12 loudspeakers are here.