FSR to Unveil More Infrastructure Solutions, add to HDBaseT Series, and Debut Charging Choices at InfoComm 2017

FSR is introducing infrastructure solutions, HDBaseT options and charging choices designed to simplify installation, expand possibilities, address charging challenges as well as ease the bottom line at InfoComm 2017 in FSR’s Booth 3843.

FSR is introducing a series of wall boxes, cable management solutions and charging choices that simplify installations and ease the bottom line.

PWB-320 and PWB-323 Large Open Style Wall Boxes

FSR’s highly successful Project Wall Box (PWB) family is being expanded with two new models priced specifically to ease the installer’s bottom line. These economical large open wall boxes designed to fit 16” on center stub bays simplify audiovisual and IT installations by providing space for routing cables, AC connections, and digital media product mounting in 4” and 3” thick walls. The PWB-320 has up to 2” KO’s (PWB-323 up to 1¼”), flush cable-tie mounts, tri-use gang openings for AC/AV/IT applications, IPS mounting, and two optional adjustable locking shelves for mounting equipment. There are also two optional internal AC brackets available with 2 or 3 Decora openings that ship with SpikeShield™ 15 amp receptacles included. The infrastructure solutions are available in sizes to fit typical wall designs and can be used with or without the  decorative trim ring and cover options. They are also available in 3” deep versions for shallow wall applications.

Available models:  (The PWB-323 series of 3” deep versions are also available)

  • PWB-320-Bx                      Full size wall box with mounting hardware
  • PWB-320-TrK                     Kit consisting of full size box with finished Trim Ring
  • PWB-320-ESK                    Kit consisting of full size box, with 2 equipment shelves and finished trim ring
  • PWB-320-Tr                        Decorative finished  trim ring only
  • PWB-320-Cv                       Decorative Cover only
  • PWB-320-AC2                    Internal AC bracket with 2 Decora SpikeShield 15 amp Receptacles
  • PWB-320-AC3                    Internal AC bracket  with 3 Decora SpikeShield 15 amp Receptacles

PWB-HVBX HuddleVU Project Wall Box

The PWB-HVBX is also one of FSR’s latest additions to the Project Wall Box (PWB) line that integrates the Company’s industry known TBRT cable retractors with their Project Wall Boxes. The Patent-Pending PWB-HVBX, or HuddleVU Box, is designed for use in higher education environments, deploys retractors and AC to rolling carts and wall mounted displays for impromptu huddle or collaboration situations. The PWB-HVBX houses 2 retractors and AC power distribution with mounting available for HDBaseT or digital media transmission or switching devices.

The Wire Marshall Under-Table Wire Management System

There’s a new Marshall in town! And it’s a complete solution for tying FSR’s award winning table boxes to their full line  of floor box and poke-thru solutions. The Wire Marshall system provides for clean and elegant cable management in table designs that lack a pedestal for hiding cables and power as they transition from the table boxes to the floor.  The WM-CMPT system consists of: the WM-UTC Under Table Channel for dressing cables horizontally along the table underside and the WM-CP Cable Pathway an easily integrated solution for handling multiple low-voltage AV/Data and AC cables from the table’s underside to the floor. The WM-LC Leg Channel is also available for dressing cables along the backside of a round table leg.

FSR is also introducing the WM-UTR1 and WM-UTR2 Under Table Rack shelving solutions for applications where the designer would like to mount multiple pieces of AV, Digital, or data equipment to the underside of a conference or huddle table and still easily access the equipment for servicing or upgrading at a later date.

TC-WC1 “Wireless Coaster” In-table Wireless Chargers

The TC-WC1 Wireless Coaster is FSR’s new in-table wireless charger and the latest addition to the Company’s Table Coaster AC & Charging Solutions.  TC-WC1 can charge cell phones equipped to work with “Qi” wireless chargers. It can be used for fast wireless charging when attached to fast charging power cords; and will also charge at standard rates when used with standard power cords. Available in Black or White finishes, they can be purchased as a standalone product but are also used in FSR’s Huddle BLOX charging end-table line of products.


FSR is expanding its range of HDBaseT solutions with a selection of true 5-play transmitters and receivers that support HD-video and offer more options than ever before.

HD-HPCUWP-Tx 100 Meter HDBaseT HDMI, PC, USB, Wall Plate Transmitter

FSR’s new HDBaseT 2-gang Decora style wall plate, based on HDBaseT 2.0 technology, is a true HDBaseT 5-Play device that transmits HD Video (up to 4k @60hz.4:2:0), audio, bi-directional control (IR & RS-232), Ethernet, two-way USB 2.0, and power via ONE CAT-6A cable out to 100 meters. The front of the wall plate features an HDMI In & VGA video In (HD-15 Female) with audio In (1/8” Mini Jack), Analogue Audio In (1/8” Mini Jack), an IR reader window, as well as input selector and display buttons to select inputs and control the display/projector via RS-232 or CEC control. The HD-HPCUWP-Tx is designed to work with FSR’s HD-HU-SP-Rx 100 Meter HDBaseT 2.0 HDMI & USB Receiver model and receives its power from it as well. It can work with any of FSR’s other 100m receivers, but must be used with FSR’s HDBaseT 2.0 USB compatible receivers to fully utilize the USB functions. The rear of the wall plate contains an HDBaseT RJ-45 port as well as captive screw terminals for +12v in for applications where the wall plate can be powered locally instead of via the HDBaseT Receiver.

HD-HU-SP-Tx AND HD-HU-SP-Rx 100 Meter HDBaseT HDMI & USB Transmitter and Receiver

Based on HDBaseT 2.0 technology, the HD-HU-SP-Tx and HD-HU-SP-Rx are true HDBaseT 5-Play devices that transmit HD video (up to 4k @60hz. 4:2:0), audio, bi-directional control (IR & RS-232), Ethernet, two-way USB 2.0, and bi-directional power via ONE CAT-6A shielded cable out to 100 Meters. Installers can select USB host or device settings on both the TX and RX, and the units can be powered from either end as well. There is also a separate unbalanced analog audio input on the TX unit and an analog audio output on the RX unit. This audio signal travels on its own dedicated channel of the HDBaseT signal separate from the HDMI embedded audio signal. The HD-HU-SP-Tx and HD-HU-SP-Rx provide solutions where users may want to have USB 2.0 access to control PC sources via KVM, or work with  interactive displays,  media servers,  or data storage devices.

HD-HSC-SP-Rx 100 Meter HDBaseT HDMI Scaler Receiver

The HD-HSC-SP-Rx is also a true HDBaseT 5-Play device that receives HD Video (up to 4k @60hz. 4:2:0), audio, bi-directional control (IR & RS-232), and Ethernet via ONE CAT-6A shielded cable out to 100 Meters. The built-in scaler is HDMI 2.0/HDCP 2.2 compliant and can be remotely controlled via API. The HDMI out has built-in CEC Control and the HD-HSC-SP-Rx can be set to automatically send out CEC or RS-232 commands to turn on the display when it detects an input signal. There is a de-embedded balanced audio output as well as two Ethernet ports which also allow Telnet control of the device. The HD-HSC-SP-Rx does need to be powered locally but it can remotely power any of FSR’s other 100 meter HDBaseT wall plate transmitters or non-scaling transmitters via the CAT-6A shielded cable.

Huddle BLOX

FSR’s new Huddle BLOX BLOX keeps everyone connected with wired and wireless charging and power options

Huddle BLOX Charging Station
The Huddle BLOX from FSR are tables designed to function as charging stations in your library, coffee shop, lobby or  media room. Providing Wireless and USB charging along with AC power lets you connect with room to spare. These sturdy blocks are available in two sizes and the finishes include BLACK, WHITE and MAPLE.