FlatFrog Announces Palm Rejection Support

flatfrog-0614FlatFrog Laboratories announced today availability of palm rejection support for large touch solutions and continued growth of its patent portfolio.

A well-known problem when using touch screens is registration of unintended touches from users’ palms when placed on larger touch surfaces like touch tables and tablets. This causes false touches leading to poor user experience when typing, navigating or drawing on the screen. In order to solve this problem, OEMs have to use very expensive active digitizer and active stylus technology. FlatFrog can now deliver the same performance to these OEMs without the need for additional active digitizer layers. This means that users can have excellent touch performance using either their fingers or passive stylus while resting their palms on the touch screen.

FlatFrog was recently issued a patent from the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office for its optical in-glass touch technology, “Touch-sensitive system and method for controlling the operation thereof.”

Here are the details.