Want to See the First Audio Amplifier Ever?

Western_Electric_Mechanical_Audio_Amplifier_550x350-1013The 135th AES Show last week in New York featured an historical museum component, including world’s first audio amplifiers. One, the Western Electric mechanical amplifier (pictured here), is the first known device for amplifying audio signals.

Louis Manno, director of the Audio History Library, was excited to display these and other items from the library’s collection at AES. An AES member for over thirty years, Manno’s experience includes classical music mixing; theater sound reinforcement; film, foley, and commercial system design and installation.

Manno’s largest project to date is the establishment of the Audio History Library & Museum. The library has information on almost 2000 audio manufacturers from over 36 countries and spans 160 years of audio history. Manno continues to expand the library’s collection of manufacturer’s literature, vintage gear, and other historic artifacts of all descriptions, a task he hopes the library’s presence at AES will help facilitate.

Manno says, “The library’s vision and purpose is to re-introduce our multi-faceted audio history into the public’s social consciousness.” He invites all AES Show attendees to visit the Audio History Library at booth #2666 to see the historic amplifier displays and commented, “I would love to hear your stories about our audio heritage.”

AES (Audio Engineering Society) is the only professional society devoted exclusively to audio technology. Founded in the United States in 1948, the AES has grown to become an international organization that unites audio engineers, creative artists, scientists and students worldwide by promoting advances in audio and disseminating new knowledge and research.

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