Extron Expands VoiceLift Pro Wireless Microphone System Packages for Educators

extron voicelift pro wireless mic

Extron announced the expansion of its VoiceLift Pro wireless microphone system packages offered to educators. The company says these complete audio reinforcement packages are simple to purchase and integrate and include capabilities for mixing and digital signal processing of audio sources to fit the needs of various teaching methods like HyFlex, allowing students to clearly hear the instructor’s voice — in-person or remotely. A broader choice of standard system configurations with mix-and-match combinations of pendant and handheld microphones enables users to “create a system that suits their requirements for collaborative teaching and student participation.” Flexible mounting options are available to support installation on a wall, above a suspended ceiling and behind flat panel displays.

VoiceLift Pro improves speech clarity, reduces vocal strain, and promotes an accessible and inclusive learning environment ensuring everyone can clearly hear what is being said. Each system contains all the components necessary to evenly distribute the teacher’s voice throughout the classroom: microphones with charging station, receiver, PVCA 452 controller amplifier, Flat Field speakers, mounting hardware and cables. Comprehensive communication features include on-mic volume control, triggering lecture capture and capturing priority page sensing to mute audio for PA announcements. The VoiceLift Pro System’s Instant Alert feature enables teachers to discreetly request assistance with the press of a button.