Extron Intros TLI Pro 201 TouchLink Interface

extron TLI Pro 201 TouchLink Interface 0220Extron has introduced the TLI Pro 201 TouchLink Interface. The TLI Pro 201 allows a third-party 4K touchscreen display to be used as a point of control within an Extron Pro Series control system. This unique interface includes a scaled HDCP 2.2-compliant HDMI input for video preview, supporting resolutions up to 4K/30. The scaled output supports signal resolutions up to 4K/30 at 4:4:4. The TLI Pro 201 has built-in annotation features, allowing a presenter to draw and point on 4K video or computer sources using a third-party touchscreen display and/or mouse. In addition, it also features the convenience of PoE+, which allows it to receive power and communication over a single Ethernet cable.

As with all TouchLink Pro touchpanels, the TLI Pro 201 operates using a standard network infrastructure and is easy to install with reliable and cost-effective Ethernet cable. All TouchLink Pro touchpanels are customized using Extron GUI Designer software. This powerful interface design software offers ready-to-use resource kits to help design a wide variety of interfaces for rooms and presentation environments.

The TLI Pro 201 is here.