Extron and Sennheiser Partner for Audio Solutions for Modern Workspaces

Extron and Sennheiser partnerExtron and Sennheiser jointly announced this week that they’re working together to create easy-to-deploy audio solutions for modern workspaces. Starting with a new control system and audio DSP resources that simplify the integration of Sennheiser Dante microphone arrays with Extron devices, using an Extron DMP Plus series audio DSP connected to a Sennheiser TeamConnect Ceiling 2 microphone, customers can create high-quality sound systems that are easy to control and work reliably.

Some of the benefits of this include:

  • Dante network audio provides seamless connection between the microphone, an Extron DMP Plus series audio DSP, and the rest of the system
  • Compatibility testing with Extron Dante provides studio-quality audio:
  • Extron DMP Plus series audio DSP implements the latest technology to flawlessly connect, process and distribute Sennheiser microphones to the rest of the system.

Certified GCP Drivers control mic output level, mute states, LED states, and other functions:

  • Extron Certified control drivers have been created and tested through the partnership with Sennheiser.
  • Sennheiser provides Extron with advanced knowledge of upcoming firmware changes to make sure the integrator has the latest functional system possible.
  • Integrated DSP Configurator Building Blocks for Sennheiser Team Connect 2 microphone array provide a streamlined setup process with a comprehensive set of processing and gain settings optimized for the Sennheiser microphone.

Extron’s work with Sennheiser is described here: