Electro-Voice Provides Audio Upgrades for Meehan’s Chophouse, Henry’s Cigar Lounge

mansfield electro voice

As part of revitalizing downtown Mansfield in the south Dallas suburbs, local construction entrepreneur Tony Meehan purchased an abandoned grist mill building from the city that had also served as a local jail. After a full renovation, he created two new businesses: a fine dining restaurant called Meehan’s Chophouse, and Henry’s Cigar Lounge, an adjoining 5,000 sq-ft, members-only cigar bar. For the new facility’s technology needs, Meehan hired long-time partner Worth Fire & Security in nearby Arlington for design and installation.

“These two businesses share a lot of infrastructure, including things like kitchen and parking,” notes Todd Privette, President of Worth Fire & Security. “They wanted to build on that approach with their technology. We did a complete AV and life safety system for them, including security cameras, audio and video systems, AV matrix control, data infrastructure and listed fire alarm.”

For the audio portion of the design, Worth Fire & Security focused on high-value, high-performance offerings from Electro-Voice, focusing on the EVID line of compact installed loudspeakers. With various models to adapt to varying audio and visual needs, EVIDs were the ideal choice to provide consistent, cohesive sound across multiple listening areas, indoors and out. The Worth Fire & Security-designed system delivers background music across 12 listening zones, including the restaurant, cigar lounge, private dining rooms, restrooms, outdoor patios and waiting areas.

“The reason we went with Electro-Voice was the EVID line, which includes everything from flush-mount and ceiling-mount speakers to attractive pendant and flush-mount models, plus subwoofers and weather-resistant versions,” says Privette. “They have the flexibility to adapt to any room condition, are easy to install, and look and sound great.”

The EVID C6.2 flush-mount ceiling loudspeaker was selected as the base model for background and house music, with 90 spread throughout the building. In areas requiring full-range fidelity, these are augmented by EVID C10.1 10” ceiling subwoofers, with ten strategically placed units covering the Chophouse Bar, the main lounge in Henry’s, plus private lounges and Henry’s outside patio. In the Grist Mill private dining area, equipped with a full video presentation system, audio is provided by six pendant-style EVID P6.2 loudspeakers hung from its vaulted ceiling.

Outdoors, EVID-S8.2TB loudspeakers provide audio to the waiting areas and parking lot. “Those speakers are very nice because they can do 8 ohms or 70 volts, and each speaker has its own tap,” notes Privette. “That allowed us to put all of the outdoor speakers on one circuit, using the taps to draw only the wattage needed for volume appropriate to each speaker.”

The system is powered by two Electro-Voice CPS 8.5 amplifiers, providing 16 channels of up to 500 watts each. The system employs 12 channels for independent 70-volt audio zones, with the remaining four channels powering the 8-ohm subwoofers. AV control, including the audio zones, is achieved via touch panels and keypads, with independent control for each business.

Meehan’s Chophouse has a small stage area with its sound system, primarily for special occasions. Suitable for small music groups or DJ events, the live performance stage has a self-powered Electro-Voice sound system consisting of two ELX200-12P loudspeakers.

“Meehan’s Chophouse and Henry’s Cigar Lounge are a great addition to downtown Mansfield, and we’re proud to be a part of it,” adds Privette. “The restaurant rivals anything you’ll find in Dallas, the cigar bar is a unique attraction, and refined touches like the EVID loudspeakers ensure an outstanding dining experience.”

Final Electro-Voice equipment list:

  • 90x EVID-C6.2 6.5” ceiling speaker
  • 10x EVID C10.1 ceiling subwoofers
  • 10x EVID-S8.2TB 8” outdoor speaker, IP54 rated
  • 6x EVID-P6.2 pendant speaker
  • 2x CPS 8.5 8x 4000 W power amplifier
  • 2x ELX200-12P 12” powered loudspeaker