DTEN Announces Subscription-Based Service Model for Collaboration Products, Including Zoom Room Kit

DTEN has launched a new business model for its collaboration products for both personal and room-based video conference solutions, which combines hardware, software and support into the new subscription-based service model. Called DTEN Orbit Service, it’s now available with new product lines DTEN ON and DTEN GO. There’s no down payment required and there are flexible payment models, including some that can be canceled at any time.

The DTEN ON service subscription was a part of DTEN’s presentation at Zoomtopia. Building from the company’s D7 series, DTEN ON provides all-in-one video conferencing, content sharing and digital whiteboarding products. Preconfigured as a Zoom Rooms solution with DTEN Orbit Service, collaboration boards are available in 55-inch, 75-inch, 55-inch dual screens and 75-inch dual screens. DTEN ON is available starting at $149 per month.

A smaller DTEN ON was also previewed. It’s designed especially for phone-only rooms, individual workspaces and home offices. With a 27-inch screen, three cameras and multiple microphone arrays, this display panel is only $599.

The other service subscription, DTEN GO, works with existing display panels. The hardware is pre-configured for Zoom Rooms deployment and includes three cameras, ten microphone arrays and an integrated control tablet. It also comes with DTEN’s Orbit Service. DTEN GO is available for $79 per month and as low as $39 month with a multi-year commitment.

DTEN is here.