DPA Microphones Introduces d:dicate Recording Microphone Range

DPA Microphones ddicate 0513

d:dicate MicrophoneDPA Microphones this month launched its d:dicate Recording Microphone, which includes the MMC4018 Supercardioid Capsule and the MMC4007 High-SPL Omnidirectional Capsule, a modular version of the company’s 4007 microphone. Both capsules are entirely compatible with other d:dicate preamplifiers and are ideal for capturing sound from percussion and brass instruments, as well as for audio measurement purposes.

Rounding out the d:dicate line are microphones from the familiar DPA Reference Standard series, which has been absorbed into the d:dicate range. These include the modular 4000 and 2000 Series, which are manufactured to perform within very narrow tolerances and offer linear frequency responses, high SPL and gain before feedback. Included in the d:dicate range are a wide variety of 4000 Series capsules, including the new 4018 Supercardiod, 4017 Shotgun, 4015 Wide Cardioid, 4011 Cardioid and 4006 Omnidirectional. 2000 Series Microphones that are in the line consist of two twin diaphragm capsules – the 2011 Cardioid and the 2006Omnidirectional. Both of these microphones are rooted in the design technology of DPA’s classic miniature capsules. All of the former Reference Standard capsules can be combined with the company’s preamps, including the A, which is transformerless; the B, a low cut and high boost filter version; and the compact C option for discreet miking.

New accessories have also been developed for the d:dicate Recording Microphone range, including modular active cables (MMP-ER with rear cable entry and MMP-ES with side cable entry) plus modular active booms (MMP-F) that are compatible with all d:dicate capsules.

You can see them all here: http://www.dpamicrophones.com