Digital Signage Makes Me Hungry


So there we were. Husband and I on a date and hanging with some friends in downtown Chapel Hill. We ate dinner. We were walking back to our car. Minding our own business.

And there they were. Digital Signs.

In Krispy Kreme.

Their flashy, yet totally crisp 1080p images rotating between soft serve ice cream and freshly, warmly glazed donuts stopped us dead in our tracks.

The four of us looked at each other. Not a word was spoken. It was just… understood, that we, all four of us, were going to be entering that there Krispy Kreme and splitting a dozen. Stat.

That, my friends, is what you call effective digital signage. AMIRIGHT?!
I mean, check this place out.


The menu is DS!

Now, what you can’t see is that this is the culprit that lured us in. It ROTATES. Between GORGEOUS, crisp, YUMMY, decadent images of donuts, ice cream, and other delicious treats.
1donut6Our dozen. YES.

1donut3The chocolate iced glazed Krispy Kreme. Quite possibly God’s greatest invention.
1donut1Thought I’d include a creeper picture of me and my husband. BAHAHAHA. He will hate love me for this.

Tell me: have YOU ever had digital signage lure you in like that? What places have you seen great examples of excellent use of digital signage?