CYP Europe Adds CR-KP4 8-Button Control Keypad

cyp cr kp4 8 button control keypad

CYP Europe just debuted something called the CR-KP4 8-Button Control Keypad. Basically, it’s an LCD touch wall plate surrounded by eight buttons for control of a room. The CR-KP4 is aimed at both home and commercial applications. This eight-button keypad can send commands to any Ethernet-controlled or relay-controllable device in a system and works via PoE (Power over Ethernet) support. Additionally, the integrated clock and calendar-based scheduling feature allows users to trigger macros to control devices within an installation at a specific time, or on a recurring schedule.


  • Available in Black = CR-KP4/B or White = CR-KP4/W
  • One-Gang wall plate design with tri-color LED buttons
  • 32 macros for controlling user equipment
  • Up to 128 total commands can be stored and used across all macros in the system (up to 16 per macro)
  • Supports time and date macro scheduling (single and recurring)
  • Supports condition checking within macro commands for expanded macro design flexibility
  • Supports one month of backup power for the internal clock and schedule function to protect against blackouts and temporary power loss
  • Supports customizable daylight savings time configuration
  • Can be powered by an Ethernet switch that supports the IEEE 802.3af PoE standard (Optional)
  • Controllable via keypad, Telnet and WebGUI