Crestron hires for new markets

I don’t ever really pay attention to new hire press releases except if (1) the person is a big name making a move in the industry, or (2) I know the person. However, I’d been hearing how Crestron hired a “buildings guy” also known as David Wilts, Crestron’s new director of integrated building technology (see the announcement here.) This buildings specific position is a smart one considering that control systems play an integral role in building-wide automation.

InfoComm’s report on building automation points out opportunities for AV to work across disciplines such as IT, telecom, lighting/electrical, plumbing, and mechanical. Hmm, those are all the disciplines that a control system would touch, too.

And speaking of lighting, Crestron recently hired an expert in that too. Her name is Shayna Bramley, their new national lighting education manager (see the announcement here.)

I’d hazard a guess that we are seeing a new strategy from this leading control system manufacturer. I like how these positions go farther than what you normally see, like education market manager or house of worship market manager. Will we see a new position that tries to bridge the gap between AV and IT, and that focuses on outreach to the IT market? One can only hope.