Clockaudio Ships Retractable Motorized Ceiling Microphone CCRM4000

clockaudio-ccrm4000-0415Clockaudio is now shipping its CCRM4000 Retracta Motorized Ceiling Microphone. Designed for use in boardrooms, conferencing and nearly any audio conferencing application, the CCRM4000 offers an alternative to installations that can’t have any microphones on the table, but still need high quality sound. The unit comes virtually pre-assembled and allows you to bring the microphone closer to the participant, which contributes in getting more direct sound and less of the room. In addition, the retractable unit enables the microphone to completely withdraw back into the ceiling when not in use, leaving the room aesthetically pleasing and ready for other functions.

Clockaudio ships the CCRM4000 master units complete with a ceiling mounted IR sensor, remote control, cardioid microphone with knuckle joint and magnet, ceiling bezel with locking ring and jockey wheel, 18VDC power supply unit, ceiling tile mounting bracket and safety cable. Slave units are also available.

All the tech specs are here.