ClearOne’s VIEW Pro Displays Ultimate 4:4:4, True-Color Digital Multimedia Streaming For IP Networks

VIEW_Pro_websize-0114ClearOne’s VIEW Pro encoders and decoders provide for 4:4:4 multimedia streaming (H.264-based) with what the company claim is loss-less compression. Content can be distributed via IP to virtually an unlimited number of displays. VIEW Pro is compatible with ClearOne’s StreamNet technology for auto discovery and control of all networked StreamNet products.

The included VIEW Virtual Matrix Software displays a simple view of the entire system on a single screen, as well as providing source and destination selection and control options in Windows, Android and iOS for StreamNet encoders & decoders. Users have control access from any number of input devices, including wall touch-screens, desktops, laptops and handheld devices. The VIEW Pro provides for HDCP support and can output up to 1920×1200 resolutions at 60 Hz.

Here are all the specs.