ClearOne Adds Voice Life to BMA 360 Ceiling-Tile Mic Array

clearone voicelift 1ClearOne has added Voice Lift technology to its BMA 360 ceiling-tile microphone array. ClearOne’s says the mic is integrated with technologies like FiBeam and DsBeam to allow greater Voice Lift gains to be realized than have been previously possible. The combination of ClearOne’s beamforming plus feedback cancellation technologies provide up to a 20 dB boost in gain before feedback compared to an omni mic.

Local amplification of a presenter’s voice enables local listeners at every corner of a large space to experience the same intelligible audio level as someone sitting right next to the presenter. Voice Lift provides near-end users the same benefits of comfortable collaboration and clear audio as far-end users experience, according to ClearOne.

FiBeam technology makes the BMA 360 a wideband, frequency-invariant beamforming mic array that provides the ultimate in natural and full-fidelity sound. DsBeam, provides what ClearOne calls “unparalleled sidelobe depth, below -40 dB, resulting in more rejection of reverb and noise.” These technologies enable a 12 dB increase in Voice Lift gain before feedback compared to an omni mic.

Here’s a video explaining the tech:

Voice Lift on the BMA 360 is improved by patented the DARE Feedback Eliminator, found on ClearOne CONVERGE Pro 2 DSP Mixers. This technology handles of the removal of feedback and ringing, giving an additional average boost of up to 8 dB to the total system gain.

Each BMA 360 can have up to four Voice Lift zones to provide a simple and intuitive way to drive multiple speaker groups, allowing everyone to easily hear and be heard. Built-in, four-channel power amplifiers make wiring simple, convenient and provide cost savings.

Here are the specs for the BMA 360.