Clear-Com Debuts New Intercom Products at ISE

At ISE 2017, Clear-Com is debuting new wireless intercom system and a digital beltpack for the HelixNet partyline intercom system. Clear-Com’s FreeSpeak II wireless intercom system and the new FreeSpeak II-Base II both operate in both 1.9GHz and 2.4GHz frequency bands, support up to 25 wireless beltpacks on a single base station, and cover an expansive production area with its distributed-antenna transceivers network and splitters (FSII-SPL). Also new are two built-in optional SFP fibre connectors at the rear of the Base Station for linking and positioning antenna transceivers nearly 20,000 meters away from the base station, extending the reach of the wireless solution. FreeSpeak II has also been favored for its 7kHz audio clarity and strong RF connections for continuous reliable communications.

Clear-Com is also introducing the newly-designed HelixNet beltpack (HXII-BP-X4) for the high- density and high user capacity digital partyline intercom system. HXII-BP-X4 features a lighter-weight, tougher and more ergonomic design, while offering much more flexibility to access any two of the 24 channels on the system over Power-over-Ethernet (PoE). Each beltpack can be assigned and access any one of the 24 intercom channels to a single intercom key, or multiple channels to a single key set, thanks to the ‘Stacked Key’ feature. It operates over a single microphone cable for digital powerline or a single PoE cable. With the new HXII-BP-X4 beltpack using PoE, HelixNet customers can add many more digital beltpacks to the system than ever before — all in one single rack-unit.

Here are the details.