VuWall Debuts CoScape

VuWall’s new all-in-one presentation system, CoScape, is different from other presentation systems in the market because it allows users to give a presentation in three simple steps, with no need to make choices. Those steps are:

1. Connect your device to the room Wi-Fi
2. Insert the CoScape USB key
3. Content appears on the video wall or projection screen

CoScape supports multi-display output, hybrid source formats and is truly collaborative. It comes with an integrated control panel that can run on mobile devices, that is easy to use and that can be customized.

In addition to the ability of wirelessly sharing the content users have on their laptops or mobile devices, they can also share sources that can’t be brought wirelessly: video conferencing systems, TV tuners or just local applications running on the CoScape controller like high resolution PDF files, web pages, PowerPoint presentations, etc. CoScape is offered in different versions: 2, 6, 9 or 12 outputs, and it supports up to 4K resolution on each output. Participants can also use the mouse and keyboard of the CoScape controller to control each wireless source displayed on the wall.

VuWall is here.