Cima NanoTech Debuts Large Interactive Touch Screens with European Customers at ISE 2016

Cima-NanoTech-Logo-2015Amsterdam, February 9, 2016 – Cima NanoTech, a developer and manufacturer of transparent conductive film solutions, is showcasing industry leading interactive touch screen products enabled by its SANTE® ProTouch™ module for the first time in Europe at ISE 2016. Backed by proven customer traction in the US and Asia, with touch screen displays enabled by SANTE ProTouch modules already out in the market, the company is increasing its footprint in Europe. Products on show include an interactive touch screen embedded in a coffee table as well as devices from customers such as Anoto, a global leader in digital writing and drawing solutions, and faytech, a German developer of industrial touch screens.

“Not only do our customers benefit from the very highest standards in performance and quality; our partnership with Foxconn gives us an added advantage on the manufacturing side, so they can comfortably rely on the affordable price points that make widespread consumer adoption a reality,” said Jon Brodd, CEO, Cima NanoTech. “Given the exciting collaborations we’ve already achieved in Europe, we are confident that we can add a new dimension to the current market for projected capacitive touch technology in the region,” he added.

SANTE ProTouch modules are ideal for large touch screen applications such as interactive digital signage, interactive kiosks and vending machines, interactive whiteboards and interactive tabletops. This projected capacitive solution provides ultra fast response and excellent touch performance, bringing creativity, collaboration and interactivity to a whole new level.

Key Features & Benefits of SANTE ProTouch Module: • Wide range of sizes – 32”, 42”, 43”, 55”, 65”, 70”, 84”, 85” • Fast response time for a more intuitive and interactive experience • True multi-touch capabilities of 32-points and more for greater interactivity and collaboration • Flexible input methods such as stylus, finger, gloved finger • Edge-to-edge cover lens with no raised frame, for enhanced aesthetics and ease of maintenance • No visible lines on screen as compared to competing technologies ensuring optical clarity • Premium cover lens with anti-glare, anti-reflection and anti-fingerprint (optional) • Narrow bezel of 20mm to enhance visual appeal

Swedish-based Anoto will showcase it’s new Anoto Live™ Display, a 55” 4K opticallybonded display powered by Cima NanoTech’s SANTE ProTouch module, with highprecision pen capabilities. faytech’s 42” interactive digital signage solution utilizes SANTE ProTouch module with customized software, suitable for industries such as advertising, retail and hospitality.

Cima NanoTech ISE Highlights | Booth 8-N326 (Hall 8): • 70-inch SANTE ProTouch Module • 65-inch Interactive Whiteboard • 55-inch Interactive Digital Signage • 42-inch Interactive Digital Signage • 40-inch Interactive Tabletop

Cima NanoTech develops and manufactures high performance, next-generation transparent conductive film solutions based on its proprietary SANTE® self-assembling nanoparticle technology. This unique technology is rapidly being commercialized with key partners to enable new products for a multitude of markets and applications, including ultra responsive large format touch screens, transparent antennas for the Internet of Things (IoT) and other applications, transparent EMI shielding and more. Cima Touch is a subsidiary of Cima NanoTech, formed through a joint venture with Foxconn, that focuses on selling, marketing and supporting solutions for large format projected capacitive touch screens with screen sizes from 32” to over 85”. For more information, visit