Christie Intros Pandoras Box Version 5.9 Media Server from Coolux for Faster, More Efficient Operation

christie-pandoas-box-0216Christie has launched a new Pandoras Box media server system (Version 5.9) that features a standalone Kiosk Mode, a completely redesigned Patch-Tab, the addition of a Cues Tab for an overview of all cues, and an optimized Pandoras Box Codec. It debuted at this week’s ISE 2016 show in Amsterdam.

The Pandoras Box system is a turnkey solution that combines rendering technology with intuitive media and show control. Flexible and user-friendly, it can be set up as a standalone playback device, network playback client or in console mode for direct DMX Control.

Christie says Pandoras Box Version 5.9 now encodes files up to four times faster, delivers additional codec information through the file inspector, and includes a completely redesigned Patch-Tab and new templates that deliver faster workflow for remote control from a lighting desk. Users can create their own profiles, as well as export and import patch templates with exceptional ease. A Cues Tab has also been introduced for an overview of all cues, which can be used to navigate through the timeline and leave individual notes per cue.

For more information about the coolux Pandoras Box family of turnkey multi-media solutions, go here.