Christie HS Series Projectors Illuminate Cathedral of San Marcos in Mexico


Christie HS Series projectors are illuminating one of the most emblematic buildings in Chiapas Mexico, the façade of the Cathedral of San Marcos. Organized by the City of Tuxtla Gutierrez with the Municipal Tourism Bureau, the show was managed by Puntos Audiovisuales, a rental and staging company.

The projection seeks to highlight the culture, music and traditions of Chiapas, and to promote tourism in the city. The show runs every day at 8 p.m. and 9 p.m. and has become one of the main attractions for visitors to the historic center of the city.

To make this possible, two Christie DWU15-HS projectors – supplied by Christie’s partner Wesco Anixter – were mounted on metal tower-like structures in front of the cathedral at a throw distance of 37 meters (121 feet) to create a 17-meter (55 feet) wide by 11-meter (36 feet) high canvas.

This 1DLP laser projector has 15,750 lumens and WUXGA resolution and comes equipped with Christie BoldColor+ technology that delivers “enhanced color performance” with deeper blacks for more “natural and realistic” onscreen visuals.

“We chose these projectors for their laser technology and low maintenance, and of course for their quality and power. They are demonstrating great color fidelity offering vivid and bright images, and all with quiet operation and great reliability,” said Victor Bermudez, general manager of Puntos Audiovisuales.

“With only these two projectors we have been able to mount a stunning audiovisual experience that immerses the audience in a world of light and color, and in a place as emblematic as the Cathedral of Tuxtla,” Bermudez said.

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The Christie HS Series consists of  1DLP laser projectors ranging in brightness levels from 7,600-23,650 lumens and resolutions including WUXGA and 4K UHD. Christie claims it offers a powerful, reliable and cost-effective option for almost any high-use application.