CEDIA Expo 2023 Spotlights the Future Leaders of the Residential Technology Industry with Launchpad and TechStarter Programs

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New York, NY (October 4, 2023) – CEDIA Expo, the platform where residential technology integration, design and construction professionals connect, learn, and engage, introduced new residential technology brands through the Launchpad and TechStarter programs at CEDIA Expo 2023. This year, the CEDIA Expo recognized Dejero with the TechStarter Grand Prize and Specifi IO with the TechStarter Best Startup Award.
Brands in The Launchpad participated in the TechStarter Competition, presenting short business pitches to CEDIA Expo’s panel of industry expert judges, including Tom Doherty, director, of new technology initiatives, for Home Technology Specialists of America, Inc. (HTSA); Franklin Karp, founder of Franklin Karp & Co.; and Roberta Lewis, founder of Roberta Lewis & Associates. The Launchpad judges evaluated the brands’ product, innovation, opportunity, marketing, and sales strategies.
Brands that participated in The Launchpad at CEDIA Expo 2023 include Advaning, Arsenal Cyber Force, BLINDSPACE, Dejero, Ezlo Innovations, LLC., Firewalla Inc., Light and Shade Solutions, Mirus Development Inc., Pure-Fi, Specifi IO Ltd., Thingularity LLC., Transformation Entertainment Group, and ZapperBox. The program culminated with the judges selecting the TechStarter Five, including Dejero, Firewalla, Light and Shade Solutions, Specifi IO, and Zapperbox. before the final selection of the Launchpad TechStarter Grand Prize and TechStarter Best Startup at the CEDIA Expo Smart Stage.
Dejero is the 2023 grand prize winner of the Launchpad’s TechStarter program at the CEDIA Expo. Dejero Smart Blending Technology simultaneously blends multiple wired and wireless IP connections from multiple providers to form a virtual ‘network of networks’. This results in resilient and reliable internet connectivity that can optimize your audio, video, or data streams even when your internet performance is impacted. Dejero is already well established with public safety agencies, NG911centers, broadcasters, various government agencies, and the military with mission-critical connectivity requirements.
“Even in Silicon Valley, with both cable and fiber lines, we could not get satisfactory, stable connectivity. The internet is like a utility, like water, that we simply must have at all times. We were introduced to Dejero by a mutual friend, and their Smart Blending Technology finally enabled Jana and I to have reliable internet connectivity at our home,” said Chris Stevens, co-founder of CEDIA and senior advisor to Dejero. I recommended the CEDIA Expo as a launchpad program for a new market opportunity with premier integrators. The award selection process and ceremony gave Dejero increased exposure with key integrators who want to ensure solid internet connectivity in their client’s homes. Receiving the TechStarter grand prize was great fun for the Dejero team. It also raises awareness about their unique technology that delivers a powerful internet solution that integrators otherwise would have no control over.”
Specifi IO, a software offering installers over 20 timesaving key features to accelerate system design, quotations, and more, was awarded with the TechStarter Best Startup Award. Founded by Matthew Booth, a former residential technology integrator, Specifi IO is a reliable, feature-rich choice for integrators looking to generate proposals quickly and accurately. Specific IO allows users to access product images and specifications to provide a detailed quote that reflects a project’s technical requirements and aesthetic needs.
“It is an honor to be recognized as the TechStarter Best Startup Award winner at CEDIA Expo 2023,” said Matthew Booth, founder and managing director for Specifi IO. “The TechStarter Best Startup Award is a testament to our team’s hard work and dedication, and it is a validation of our vision for the future of how SaaS can help the custom installation industry in numerous ways. We are committed to providing our customers with the best possible tools and resources, and we are excited to see what the future holds for Specifi IO.”
Jason McGraw, CTS, group vice president for CEDIA Expo and KBIS, Emerald, added, “The Launchpad and TechStarter programs have become pivotal for companies looking to launch their brands and gain exposure to the custom installation community at CEDIA Expo. We are grateful for our industry judges who generously donated their time to kickstart new brands and provide feedback and recognition. As a result, we are thrilled to recognize Dejero and Specifi IO for their innovation, strategy, and excellence at CEDIA Expo 2023.”
The Launchpad and TechStarter have created a necessary platform for new companies to introduce their brand and technology to the residential technology industry. The programs are designed to highlight brands that have been in the residential technology channel for less than three years and have never exhibited at the CEDIA Expo. A few of today’s industry-leading brands, including AXIS, Domotz, Josh.ai, HDMI Staffing, guardDog.ai, and PoolScout, utilized the Launchpad and TechStarter programs to introduce their brands to the residential technology industry. To learn more about the Launchpad and TechStarter, or to participate in CEDIA Expo 2024, please visit cediaexpo.com/tech-starter/.
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