BTX Now Offering Elite Screens’ EPV Line of Premium Fixed-Frame and Electric Projection Screens

BTX Technologies (BTX) has added Elite Screens Prime Vision (EPV) line of premium fixed- frame and electric projection screens to their distribution line.

With a width of 3.5 inches, EPV fixed-frame projection screens offer the thickest, most robust frames available. The line-up includes the Peregrine AcousticPro 4K that features Elite Screens’ AcousticPro1080 acoustically transparent screen material. AcousticPro1080 offers a specialized high-density weave to meeBTX_Logo-0413t the needs of digital projectors with resolution up to 4K (4096×2160), and is the industry’s first screen material to eliminate the moiré effect completely. The Peregrine AcousticPro 4K is also available with a curved frame to heighten the sense of immersion for viewers.

EPV electric projection screens are backed by a three-year warranty and are offered in a variety of configurations, including in-ceiling, on-wall, in-cabinet and on-floor. A wide array of available screen materials includes CineWhite Tension for uniform flatness and MaxWhite FG screen material for enhanced picture quality and viewing angle. Features such as alternating 16:9 HDTV and 2.35:1 CinemaScope projection screen formats and Elite Screens’ tubular motor provide simple and quiet operation, while IR/RF remote controls and 5 V to 12 V triggers put users in complete control.

Elite Screens’ EPV line of fixed-frame electric projection screens is available now through BTX and more information is available at