BTX Announces BookIT 2.6

BTX Technologies has just announced the latest update to its BookIT: Room scheduling solution, version 2.6. Customers with current software maintenance can upgrade to Version 2.6 for free.

BookIT 2.6 includes the following:

  • Alternate Room Finder — If a user goes to a display to book a room and it is occupied, the Alternate Room Finder will enable the user to find either the closest or best-suited room and book it immediately.
  • Reporting — A suite of room analytics is now available via the BookIT Device Management portal.
  • Calendar look-ahead — You can set how far ahead the calendar will look when using the Add dialog or calendar screens. This will result in faster screen loading.
  • Private Meetings — Mark a meeting as private in Exchange or G Suite and show an alternate room title on the BookIT screen. The organizer name can also be displayed or hidden.
  • Room Attributes — We now display room attributes such as capacity, location, and equipment in the Alternate Room Finder.
  • Scheduled Software Updates — Now you can schedule the specific time of day that BookIT software is automatically updated.
  • Languages — Update all languages for new features and corrections.

See more specs here.