BrightSign and Rockbot Push Partnership Into Airport Entertainment and News Content

BrightSign and Rockbot Airport PartnershipBrightSign and Rockbot say they have deepened their collaboration as Rockbot continues its push beyond music into the delivery of TV and digital signage.

The companies, whose partnership dates back to 2012 when BrightSign’s media players first powered Rockbot’s music service, continue with the delivery of TV networks and original local video content to air travelers in airports located throughout the United States.

“BrightSign’s media players have been instrumental in our ability to grow the Rockbot ecosystem well beyond the earliest iterations of our music service,” said Garrett Dodge, CEO of Rockbot. “As we expand into adjacent media types, BrightSign’s hardware continues to be at the core of our offering, with the technical capabilities we need, and the reliability to keep our networks up and running without fail.”

The recently announced Rockbot Airport TV Network provides video content on in-airport TV networks. It also claims to replace CNN’s news format with a TV experience that informs, inspires and entertains travelers with sports, news, entertainment and lifestyle content tailored for each city. In addition to TV content, Rockbot’s platform enables airports to enhance the traveler experience with music, audio messaging and digital signage. The platform has been rapidly deployed in select U.S. airports with more coming in the near future.

“It’s been exciting to witness Rockbot’s growth over the years, and we’re especially pleased that our media players are powering this media-rich experience in airports across the country,” said Jeff Hastings, CEO of BrightSign. “We’re grateful for our continued partnership, and we look forward to powering Rockbot’s platform as the company scales its roll-out to additional airports in the months ahead.”

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Rockbot currently uses BrightSign’s LS media players to deliver music and digital signage content while leveraging BrightSign’s XD line to stream live TV.