Blackmagic Design Releases 4 Models of Ultimatte 12 Real-Time Compositing Processors

blackmagic design 4 models ultimatte processors

Blackmagic Design announced four new models of Ultimatte 12 real-time compositing processors that are all designed for creating broadcast graphics. Also announced was a new Ultimatte Software Control app for Mac and Windows that’s available for download free of charge. This software lets you control all Ultimatte 12 models without the additional cost of a hardware control panel.

There are four new models total. These include the Ultimatte 12 HD, Ultimatte 12 4K and a Ultimatte 12 8K model. In addition to these three models, there is a lower-cost Ultimatte 12 HD Mini model with HDMI connections priced at  US$495. Ultimatte 12 HD Mini was specifically designed to let ATEM Mini customers get the benefits of broadcast quality keying to build innovative fixed camera virtual sets. All models of Ultimatte 12 include built-in frame stores so you can key using stills for backgrounds, eliminating the cost of external equipment.

Even at these new lower prices, all Ultimatte 12 models, even Ultimatte 12 HD Mini, have the same advanced image processing algorithms and internal color space. This means all models produce identical quality compositions. The processing automatically generates internal mattes so different parts of the image are processed separately based on the colors in each area.

Ultimatte 12 features one-touch keying technology that analyzes a scene and automatically sets over 100 parameters. Black Box says one-touch keying is also dramatically faster and helps customers accurately pull a key with minimum effort.

The improved flare algorithms in Ultimatte 12 can “remove green tinting and spill from anything,” which is one of the reasons why Ultimatte 12 creates true, realistic-looking virtual environments. That also means customers don’t have to worry about shadows or transparent objects with reflections. Ultimatte 12 automatically samples the colors, creates seamless mattes for walls, floors and other parts of the image, and then applies the necessary corrections.

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The Ultimatte 12 4K and Ultimatte 12 8K models feature advanced 12G-SDI connections so customers can operate with current HD video formats as well as future Ultra HD and 8K video formats. 12G-SDI gives customers high frame rate Ultra HD via a single BNC connection that also plugs into all of their regular HD equipment.

The unique Ultimatte 12 HD Mini model has a special feature that allows conversion of SDI camera control to HDMI. This means an ATEM SDI switcher can control a HDMI connected Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera. All ATEM switchers send camera control over SDI, and this Ultimatte model can translate it to HDMI for the camera. Now add a camera number in the Ultimatte utility to get control of the camera color corrector, tally and even remote record trigger.

Plus all Ultimatte 12 models now include the free Ultimatte Software Control for Mac and Windows. The main window has menus arranged in sections that perform different functions. Although the interface can look intimidating at first glance as it has so many different buttons and settings, it won’t take long to master, so customers will quickly learn to move between settings instinctively as customers build their composition.

All new Ultimatte 12 models are available now. The Ultimatte 12 HD Mini will be priced at $495 Ultimatte 12 HD is $895, Ultimatte 12 4K is $2,495 and the Ultimatte 12 8K is $6,995. All the detailed specs are here: