Screen Innovations Debuts Solo 3 Design-Centered Projection Screen Cassettes

screen innovations solo 3

Screen Innovations (SI) just debuted the Solo 3, its new line of design-centered motorized projection screen cassettes that blend into the surrounding environment so well, they go virtually unnoticed. The clean lines of the self-contained cassette reflect today’s architectural trends, nodding to contemporary and minimalist interiors. Unlike most other motorized projection screen cassettes, Solo 3 is manufactured as one seamless unit with no visual demarcation of the end caps. Units come powder-coated in white or black and can be painted to match the surrounding surface. Alternatively, when mounted above the ceiling, the entire cassette can vanish. The new Solo 3 replaces SI’s legacy 3 and 5 Series motorized projection screen products.

All of these improvements make the installer’s job easier and more successful while providing the clean and streamlined interior today’s homeowners expect in their home theaters and media rooms.

To simplify the configuration of motorized projection screens for installers, built into Solo 3 is a new, intelligent brain called Moab. This advanced 485-based control board enables faster programming of setpoints, rotation, and motor reset, automatic discovery and programming of keypads and remotes, and seamless, customizable integration with control systems. Designed and engineered by SI, Moab features numerous inputs/outputs to support a wide range of 485-based automation and control configurations to quickly synchronize the screen settings with other smart devices. Built into Moab’s eye-catching translucent housing (which may be purchased separately for programming assistance) are 485- and dry contact ports, 12-volt triggers, and IR receivers. All programming can be accomplished directly via Moab without a computer or software.

Although Moab resides inside the Solo 3 motorized projection screen cassette, installers can easily access it, as well as Solo 3’s internal motor, cabling, and screen material, via a uniquely designed removable fascia. Even when the Solo 3 cassette is mounted Installers can get to the internal elements to quickly program, level the projection fabric, and readjust settings, for example.

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Solo 3 befits a wide variety of applications, as the cassette accommodates many SI projection screen materials including short-throw screen material for small spaces, ambient light rejecting materials for rooms with an abundance of natural and artificial light, acoustically transparent screens for concealing speakers, and twin-view to double screen use by utilizing both sides of the material.

Like SI’s popular Zen 2 and Nano 2 shading solutions, the Solo 3 cassette can be preinstalled during construction (with the cassette and tube as separate pieces). This noteworthy, deconstructed design makes the Solo 3 lighter and easier to handle, requiring less muscle, manpower, and time to install than previous models. Rechargeable lithium battery-powered cassettes are available for outdoor applications, where running wires is more challenging. These wireless options can be charged manually or draw power from the sun. An industry first, the solar-powered Solo 3 cassette brings a sustainable, environmental option to the lineup. Like the manual battery-powered version, it can be either surface mounted or recessed into a pocket for complete concealment with either a zipper track or cable guide to keep the screen taut.

The Solo 3 and Moab are here: