Biamp Systems Adds Networked 4K Video to Tesira Platform, Enters Video Distribution Market

biamp-video-0616Building on the company’s line of digital signal processing (DSP)-based products, Biamp Systems today unveiled TesiraLUX, which introduces low-latency, 4K networked video distribution to the Tesira platform. The solution transports both audio and video signals over a single network through the reliability of AVB/TSN.

The TesiraLUX product line will initially include an AVB video encoder (TesiraLUX IDH-1) and an AVB video decoder (TesiraLUX OH-1). The encoder features one HDMI port, one DisplayPort port, and two mic/line-level analog inputs. The decoder includes one HDMI port and two line-level analog outputs.

TesiraLUX supports the latest advancements in video formats, including 4096×2160 at 60-Hz, high dynamic range (HDR) and the Rec. 2020 color space. It claims to accept video at up to 16-bit color depth with 4:4:4 chroma subsampling, as well as supports 8 channels of embedded PCM audio, which can be broken out to be routed and processed independently. The system also manages EDID automatically between the TesiraLUX device and the input source/output display thanks to scalers in both the encoder and decoder. By utilizing AVB/TSN, TesiraLUX guarantees a total system latency of less than two frames (33 ms at 60 Hz), including scaling, compression, and network transit. AVB/TSN bandwidth reservation capabilities coupled with TesiraLUX’s bandwidth management tools also set up customers to create truly converged networks rather than dedicated AV media distribution network infrastructure.

Multiple software-based options are available for managing bandwidth, including setting maximum resolution, frame rate, and rate of compression. With both a 1-Gb (RJ-45) and a 10-Gb (SFP+) media port available, designers have a wide range of transmission options from which to choose.

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