BenQ Ships treVolo Electrostatic Bluetooth Speaker

benq-trevolo-0215BenQ America today announced that the company is now shipping its treVolo portable Bluetooth speaker. BenQ calls it an “audiophile-grade” device and it can play for 12 straight hours on one charge. Using electrostatic speaker technology, a collapsible wing design, and bi-directional sound reproduction through three audio profile modes, BenQ’s treVolo is promoted as an immersive sound experience while streaming music directly from any portable device.

Available now in black, the treVolo features an anodized metal finish, polished details and collapsible wings that bring elegance and easy transport to any listening environment.

Specifically designed for audiophiles, BenQ says treVolo features three preset audio profile modes: Using its “Pure” default mode, treVolo provides balanced tonal accuracy with minimal equalization to maintain a song’s natural detail. For a softer sound experience, the unit’s “Warm” mode generates a more traditional Bluetooth speaker sound with emphasis on accurate bass reproduction. With treVolo’s “Vivid” mode, the device accentuates vocal melodies or lead instruments such as guitars, horns, or other elements within complex multi-track recordings. As a result, listeners can easily customize their audio experience — regardless of musical genre, recording technique, or source.

Here are all the tech specs.