Behringer Europort PPA Series Set to Take Over the Stage

behringerpbaseries1/27/2014 Behringer has packed amazing power and sound quality into a trio of new compact, portable suitcase-style PA systems that are fast and easy to set up. Europort PPA2000BT, PPA500BT and PPA200 PA systems are ideal for parties, schools, corporate and educational presentations, working musicians and even weddings. Built-in Bluetooth connectivity (available on BT models) allows users to stream music directly from smart-phones, tablets or other Bluetooth-equipped devices.

Power ratings range from 200 to 2,000-Watt output – so there’s a size and feature set for virtually every application. All models include a high-quality microphone and all the cables and accessories needed, so they are ready to go – right out of the box!

The top-of-the-line PPA2000BT is a 2,000-Watt marvel with an integrated 8-channel mixer and enough inputs for 4 microphones, 2 musical instruments, an MP3 player – and is “wireless-ready” for Behringer’s high-quality ULM Series digital microphones, for total mobility. The PPA2000BT also features the crème de la crème of professional vocal effects from world-famous Klark Teknik – and a graphic EQ with Behringer’s proprietary FBQ Feedback Detection System for the ultimate freedom from feedback. Two detachable speaker enclosures are included with high-powered 10″ woofers and 1.35″ aluminum-diaphragm compression drivers for amazingly detailed sound.

Armed with the same features as its larger sibling, the 500-Watt PPA500BT sports a 6-channel mixer – and 2 detachable speaker enclosures with 8″ woofers for punchy low-end and articulate midrange, and 1.35″ aluminum-diaphragm compression drivers for crystal-clear sonic reproduction.

Rounding out the trio is the PPA200, a briefcase-style powerhouse that packs 200-Watts and 2 detachable speaker enclosures loaded with 4″ woofers and 1″ tweeters for articulate midrange and crisp, clean high-end making it ideal for smaller applications.

“Whichever Europort PA system you choose, you’ll have everything you need in one easy to operate and portable package,” said Senior Product Specialist John DiNicola. “Whether you need to get your voice above the crowd at the company gathering, provide the play-by-play for the youth league or stream music at a large special event, our Europort PA systems pack everything you need into an ultra-lightweight, “take-it-with-you” suitcase-style format.”

The Europort PPA2000BT, PPA500BT and PPA200 are available at a suggested U.S. MAP of $799.99, $499.99, $349.99 respectively – and are covered by MUSIC Group’s 3-Year Limited Warranty Program.

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