Avaya Upgrades UCC App With More Zoom- and Teams-Like Features — But One-Ups Them With 61-Person View

AvayaAvaya announced that Avaya Spaces, the all-in-one video collaboration app for the digital workplace, has added new capabilities including an industry-best 61-participant “concert” view. Avaya Spaces is changing the way work gets done, enabling “work from anywhere” by centralizing voice, video, messaging, chat and task management in one app to improve productivity and increase employee satisfaction.

Here’s a video of how this looks:

According to an Avaya survey, 57 percent of businesses reported some struggle with remote communication and fatigue. The explosive growth of videoconferencing and the proliferation of platforms has created the need for easier to use, all-in-one solutions that improve collaboration and reduce the fatigue of too many apps. Customers and employees need the right tools to elevate their work-from-anywhere experience, as well as a fundamental shift in thinking when it comes to using those tools — moving away from the idea of “just” video meetings to 24/7 collaborative, cloud-based work spaces. Avaya Spaces enables organizations to excel at the usual day-to-day tasks, but also the unplanned and new-priority work that arrives nearly every moment of every day.

Avaya Spaces provides a cloud meeting and team collaboration solution that enables people and organizations to connect and collaborate remotely — and goes beyond integrating chat, voice, video, online meetings and content sharing. That is why Avaya Spaces has seen rapid adoption by educational institutions, healthcare, government agencies, and businesses of all sizes around the globe.

Enhancements to Avaya Spaces include:

  • 61-participant “concert” style HD video layout — where the primary speaker is large in the center; perfect for all-hands or town hall meetings.
  • Enhanced video layouts with flexibility to accommodate different meeting types such as panel discussions, training, project planning and interviews.
  • Modernized collaboration control to accommodate various use cases; for example, a teacher can enable students to post completed assignments or chat outside of class time, or turn-off capabilities eliminating distractions.
  • Intelligent moderation including smart mute, host control of participant cameras and microphones, and “raise hand” features for effective management of sessions to minimize disruptions while maintaining whatever level of interactivity the meeting host desires.

Avaya recently integrated cloud AI solutions from NVIDIA to help increase the impact and value of visual, audible and collaborative experiences through the Avaya Spaces app. The new integration helps customers benefit from background noise removal, virtual green screen backgrounds, rich presenter features enabling presenters to be overlaid on top of presentation content, as well as live transcriptions that can recognize and differentiate voices.