AVAD Announces Extended Relationship with Bose Professional

Bose_logo-0513Los Angeles, Calif. – January 26, 2016 – AVAD LLC, North America’s leading provider of solutions to the residential and commercial custom installation markets, announces Bose Professional available for purchase now from AVAD, adding to the growing commercial and residential product assortment AVAD can offer professional integrators.

AVAD will carry the latest commercial speakers and accessories under the Bose FreeSpace® line of products. FreeSpace is a line of background/foreground loudspeakers and amplifiers designed for a wide range of business and retail environments. Bose Professional systems are designed for small to medium-sized installed applications requiring high fidelity and extended bandwidth reproduction of voice and music. Loudspeaker models are available for surface, flush-ceiling, and in-ground mounting, providing great sound with a wide dispersion for indoor as well as outdoor installed application.

FreeSpace Flush Ceiling and Surface Mounted Speakers come in options for 16W, 40W and 100W available for each installation option, giving the installer plenty of choice on how to best cover the area with feature-rich sound.

As well, the FreeSpace 360-P II In-Ground Loudspeaker features 360 degree dispersion for jobs requiring in-ground sound solutions.

Lastly, AVAD will carry FreeSpace Amplifiers for premium sound through a reliable, high quality Class-D amplifier, such as the IZA 190-HZ, IZA 250-LZ, IZA 2120-HZ, IZA 2120-LZ and DXA 2120 models. The user-friendly amplifiers feature opti-voice paging to provide smooth automatic transition between the music and page signals along with easy access to connect devices, make tonal adjustments and select between two sources.

“We are pleased to have a new partnership with Bose Professional that allows our dealers access to both residential and commercial solutions,” said Lei Lei Trock, senior marketing manager at AVAD. “Our residential products from Bose are such a success from both dealers and end-users that we look forward to providing more customers with commercial products. Most importantly, our dealers are able to elevate their business through the extended relationship with Bose Professional.”

Bose Professional will be in attendance at each of the 2016 Vendopalooza events, featuring both residential and commercial brands. The ever-successful roadshow will include special training and exclusive deals from Bose Professional with the next event taking place in Livermore on Wednesday, February 17th, 2016. For more information on upcoming Vendopalooza events featuring Bose Professional, please visithttp://avad.com/news/vendopalooza.

For more information on AVAD please visit http://www.avad.com in the U.S. or http://www.avadcanada.ca in Canada.