AV Power Up! – Episode 72: Part 1 – Connecting Video, Collaboration and the Good Enough Proposition

AVPowerUp_750x400Join the Crew: Corey Moss, Justin Watts, Deron Pinchback and Sandy Ciarlo as they welcome their guests:

Paul Zielie – Manager, Enterprise Solutions at Harman

Jeremy Elsesser – COO/CIO Level 3 Audio Visual

Vic Bhagat – Head of Technical Marketing at Logitech

In this Part 1 we focus mainly on the discussion of video conferencing and collaboration as this discussion continues to expand in business, education and other markets. We begin with the “Product Spot” with Logitech Video Collaboration and the ConferenceCam Connect as Corey and Vic lead the discussion here talking about the company, the product optimized for desktop and small group videoconferences, as well as their well-constructed solutions-provider partner environment of cloud and other technologies.

Jeremy who is the COO/CIO of Level 3 Audio Visual, a Logitech integration partner, participates in the conversation from that side to discuss the solutions, cloud videoconferencing as well as the “good enough” proposition which Corey also begins here with Vic. This is one thing you will hear in a constant flow in this Part 1 (and the following Part 2) wherein we look at certain perspectives like can good enough ever be enough? Can it actually be hiked up to a next level? Can we see this proposition as something that could possibly be agreed upon between customer and integrator as mutually acceptable? Jeremy brings his thoughts to this as well as Paul Zielie, who puts a little different focus on this discussion. Of course we also catch up with Paul about all things, well, Paul Zielie (and his world travels which took him to Australia) – an excellent discussion which you should definitely hear.

We end this Part 1 with the Tier PM Hot Jobs as well as another winning Power Up from Justin, leading us right into Part 2.

So sit back, plug in and…

unnamedPower Up!