AV Power Up! – Episode 64: All About the Sound

AVPowerUp_750x400Join the Crew: Host Corey Moss, Katye McGregor Bennett, Justin Watts, Deron Pinchback, Sandy Ciarlo and Joey D’Angelo as they welcome their guests:

Eric Larsen – Director of Marketing at TEAC/Tascam

Trace Ritter – Owner/CEO at Ranch Road Recording

Mike Loss – Guitarist for the Drunk Naked Pirates

The title says it all as this one is all about the sound with our guests, as well as brand new Crew member Joey D’Angelo of QSC (who joins us through the whole show from a unique “remote” location). We begin by talking with Eric and the other guests about NAMM, the North American Music Merchants show which took place in Nashville in June. We also talk with Eric about developments at TEAC/Tascam.

Trace Ritter, whose career in music spans a few decades, tells us about working with (and for) some very well-known talent in the business when he was in L.A., as well as his more recent experiences in Montana with his Ranch Road Recording in Red Lodge and producing a new album for Northern rock band Stranded by Choice.

“Pirate” Mike Loss, who those that follow AV Power Up know is the guitarist for DC Metro Rock/Dance band the Drunk Naked Pirates (as well as the creator of that great AVP theme song), gets into the discussion talking about his music experiences. 

There’s more in-depth discussion of the music business and Justin’s Power Up also focuses on the subject. In the second half of the show, the guests and the Crew members get to talk about some of their favorite music and influences when they were younger (and 8-tracks!).

We finish this one (or try to) with Eric and Trace both refusing to leave – that means you’ll be hearing “All About the Sound II” very soon as they’re both still talking and waiting for us to hit the record button again (and maybe a certain drummer will be able to join us for the next one).

So sit back, plug in, close your eyes (you won’t be needing them) and…

Music Energy (+clipping path for easy placing your text behind the object if needed)

Music Energy (+clipping path for easy placing your text behind the object if needed)


Power Up!