AV Power Up! – Episode 61: What Happened in Vegas Is (Mostly) Exposed Here

AVPowerUp_750x400Join the Crew:  Corey Moss, Johnny Mota, Justin Watts and guest Crew member Jeremy Caldera as they welcome their guests:

Paul Zielie (@paulzielie) – Manager, Enterprise Solutions at Harman

John Greene (@jgreenesix) – Vice President of Sales and Marketing at Advanced AV

InfoComm? What else? We hear the industry is starting to gear back up from the break so we invited John, Paul and Jeremy (and the kids we found out) to help us with a recap only the Crew can do.

We also heard that Paul Zielie guessing games are a lot of fun (it happened at ISE) and this show starts off with one. You can play along too and if you win (like one of our Crew did) you get to follow Paul on Twitter – or unfollow him, whatever you choose. And a big announcement this week (no not records at InfoComm), Paul has exceeded 100 followers. While you may not think that’s a big deal, he doesn’t follow one person and pledges that he never will. Kind of like that manufacturer who doesn’t, and well, let’s just say they didn’t happen in Vegas.

How about SnapChat? Did John get it? We found out from a reliable source that he walked around the office days before the show asking every Millennial at the company how to use it. They all warned him to go back on Facebook or they would walk out – it’s day 10 and we understand that still no one has returned. Way to go Poppy.

And how could we possibly let this one end without talking about Microsoft? No not Surface Hubs and Skype for Business, but an acquisition that has nothing to do with AV and all to do with CRM (and of course math equations and memes). Stick around for this one.

So if it happened in Vegas, and you haven’t found out about it yet, you may just hear about it here – or else it probably wasn’t.

Or hey, just sit back, plug in and…

Vegas fireworks

Power Up!