AV Power Up! – Episode 55: Awards! Education! Mentorship! Karaoke?

AVPowerUp_750x400Join the Crew: Corey Moss, Katye McGregor Bennett, Johnny Mota, Victoria Barela, Justin Watts and Deron Pinchback as they welcome their guests:

Jeremy Caldera – Lead Audiovisual Design Engineer at Zdi

Kelly Perkins – Marketing and Communications Manager at AVI Systems

HiPhi Phil Cordell – Director of Engineering at M3 Technology Group

Hope Roth (on a call-in) – Certified Crestron Programmer, Riordan Brothers

Yes, it’s that time of year as we get closer to the big show that the InfoComm Awards have been announced. This year’s winners are:

Mackey Barron Distinguished Achievement Award: David Bright, President, Kramer Electronics USA

Adele De Berri Pioneers of AV Award: Dr. Roger Hajjar, Founder and CTO, Prysm

Women in AV Award (posthumously): Rose L. Shure, Chairman, Shure Inc.

CTS Holder of the Year: Luke Jordan, CTS-I, Service and Small Systems Manager, Electro Acoustics Inc.

Educator of the Year: Jeremy Caldera, CTS-D, CTS-I, Lead Audiovisual Design Engineer, Zdi Inc.

Harald Thiel Volunteers of the Year: Christa Bender, CTS, Account Manager, Pivot Communications and Hope Roth, CTS Programmer, Riordan Brothers

Young AV Professionals Award: Kelly Perkins, CTS, Marketing and Communications Manager, AVI Systems and Josh Srago, CTS, Design Engineer, TEECOM

So how great was it to be able to have three of the winners appear on this show with us? Pretty great we must say!

On this one three of the Crew members took turns talking with each guest – Victoria started it off talking with Jeremy as of course she was his student at Columbia College, Corey was next talking with Kelly where they also discussed the NSCA Ignite program, and Johnny talked with HiPhi (given his own award on the show!) who is all ready to show his stuff again at InfoComm with one of the biggest things going – the AVSelfie song. Hope does a call-in later in the show and issues a karaoke throwdown to one of the guests (as there will be another karaoke-fest this year) – wait till you hear this one.

Education and mentorship were highlighted as themes in this show as well.

Corey and Katye talk at the beginning about something special that they put together over the weekend, with a member of a hard rock band out of Montana and their producer – soon to be guests of the show. They also talked about an 11 minute video they did which will lead to a new project involving AVTweeps, cars, video and even karaoke. That guy on late night TV has nothing on them.

So sit back for a great hour of podcast fun (and awards!) and…


Power Up!