AV Power Up! – Episode 54: We rAVe About the Readers Choice Awards and InfoComm16!

AVPowerUp_750x400In this special extended podcast, not only do we have three terrific guests but we also have two excellent guest Crew members!

Join the Crew: Corey Moss, Johnny Mota, Stacy Kringlen, Victoria Barela, Justin Watts along with guest Crew members Alison Maxson and Gina Sansivero as the welcome their guests:

John Antanaitis – Vice President, Marketing at Polycom

Penny Sitler – Marketing Manager at Draper

Kyle Davis – Technical Marketing Specialist at Harman

On this show we talk about two big things taking place: the rAVe Readers Choice Awards (voting ends on 5/6) and of course, the big show – InfoComm 2016! Our guests have the distinction of appearing in certain Readers Choice categories as well as of course at the show, and we hear all about both from them.

The show begins with announcements including a very big one involving one of our long time Crew members. Victoria brings us a brand new segment “The Exchange” and Justin knocks it out of the park as he brings back that Chuck Espinoza staple – The Power Up – toward the end of the show. He’s even growing the beard out for the occasion.

Johnny gives us stuff, things, tacos and much more while Alison brings lasers, lasers (keep repeating). Not enough? Kidding? OK you’ll hear about the brand new hashtag created for all of the great marketing people in the AV industry and, if that’s not enough, a game we’re creating for the show which involves a bearded garden denizen and mistaken identity. Get ready for this one.

The Tier PM Hot Jobs? But of course!

So if you’re yearning for some excellent tech and marketing talk, humor and suggestions from Gina about snacks you may be getting when visiting the FSR booth – just check in and…


Power Up!

Good luck to all of the companies nominated for a rAVe Award!