AV Insider — Episode 134: @Customised Home Technology: #LiveInstall is Out, & #HomeTechX Is In

AV Insider —Kris Gamble, speaks with me about custom AV on his side of the pond, his new Norfolk showroom, his simplified business model that may not be that of your traditional smart home designs, the death of #LiveInstall, and the birth of #HomeTechX; not to be confused with The Tech Home X trade show in California.

We discuss trends there, Kris’ new venture with #HomeTechX, and all of the other team members it encompasses, stateside and over there in Kris’ part of the world, and beyond. We discuss all of unique business offerings as an integrator, why the change from #LiveInstall, and the transition to #HomeTechX, etc. All this and more, on this episode of AV Insider.