AV Insider — Episode 113: Control Envy: Control, Analyze and Monitor Everything

AV Insider —Wes Hatchett, CEO of Control Envy, speaks with me about this new startup control company with a beautiful interface. The Internet of Things is in its infancy—and current IoT solutions are incomplete at best.

Enterprise IoT platforms offer scope and scale but require enormous development to implement for any particular project. Niche IoT applications offer deep features but do not work outside a limited set of components. Meanwhile, custom integration relies on obsolete tools and arcane knowledge.

Control Envy offers modern development tools to provide enterprise scope and scale with deep features for a wide variety of components. It is extensible and customizable to fit any use case including private-label apps and web portals.

As always, a few AV Insider firsts will be shared/announced, and perhaps a roadmap of whats to come with smart buildings/facilities, and even cities. All this and more, on this episode of AV Insider.