Here Come the 4K Monitors

August 14, 2014

With the 4K display revolution in full swing, some consumers are opting to get a toe in the ultra high resolution waters, not with a 60″+ TV for the living room, but a much more manageable 28-inch desktop monitor. Taiwan based Acer is just one of the most recent display makers adding to the availability […]

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Amazon Playing the TV Card

April 10, 2014

In case you missed it, Amazon has joined the STB (set-top-box) brigade with its own Amazon Fire device, as part of its future digital content delivery plans.  A quip from the online press release gives the big picture: “Amazon integrates the hardware, software, and the content into an easy-to-use, seamless, end-to-end service for customers,” and […]

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New Apple TV: Yea – Comcast Deal: Nay

March 26, 2014

Get ready for a new Apple TV device, perhaps this one with gesture hand controls from Apple’s fresh acquisition of Prime Sense (the company that brought you the Microsoft Kinect). You can be sure that a new device is in the offing as the media is busy screaming (yet again) headlines that Apple and Comcast […]

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No Trouble With the Curve TVs (Update)

March 14, 2014

The new curve TVs are an interesting display development that found much traction since first released in 2013.  New LCD models were introduced at the recent CES and follow-up DSE trade shows in January and February respectively. Some see the new curved large display as a gimmick, and that it is an example of engineers […]

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Traditional Consumer Tablet Moves to Digital Signs

June 6, 2013

With its low cost of operation, and lower still failure rates, plus a hand full of other benefits from deployment, to ease of use, traditional consumer tablets are now being found in a host of digital signage (DS) deployments. First look no further than your neighborhood (OK big city) Apple Store to see tablets playing […]

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