Auralex Ships ProMAX v2 Stand-Mounted Acoustical Panels

Auralex Acoustics is now shipping its updated ProMAX v2 Stand-Mounted Acoustical Panels, offering a portable, lightweight absorption treatment solution offering quick and easy setup and teardown. The ProMAX v2 is designed for a variety of spaces and applications and can be implemented in any location where boundary-mounted acoustical treatments aren’t feasible or desired.

The unit features a 24” x 48” x 3″ absorptive Studiofoam panel with an updated angled reflective rear surface for tonal variability when rotated or flipped. By altering the quantity, orientation and spacing of multiple ProMAX v2s, users will be able to dial in the desired amount of room ambience.

The ProMAX v2 is designed for recording and performance applications in the studio, on stage, as well as in the classroom and home. Features include:

  • Stand-mounted acoustical absorption panels
  • Tame chaotic reverberation
  • Flexible, portable absorption for professional and residential settings
  • Proprietary melamine-free formula is long-lasting and won’t crumble like other brands
  • Users can dial in the exact sound they desire
  • Features absorptive and more-reflective sides for sonic variability
  • Expand your ProMAX array as your needs change
  • 2’ wide x 4’ tall x 3” thick
  • Available colors: charcoal gray, burgundy and purple

Here are the details.