AudioControl Amplifiers and Room Tuning to Debut at InfoComm 2019

AudioControl will be highlighting three new product categories designed for commercial A/V integrators during the upcoming InfoComm 2019 (Booth 5160). AudioControl’s lineup of three 70-volt amplifiers offer performance, build quality and features unavailable on competitive solutions. The company’s brand new Avalon G4 is the most versatile 4/3/2 channel configurable amplifier on the market, ideal for nearly any entertainment application. And the new DM-RTA enables integrators to perfectly calibrate audio system performance even in the most challenging acoustic environments.

CM Series 70-Volt Amplifiers: AudioControl’s Made in USA CM Series 70-volt amplifier solutions enable integrators to deliver superior quality entertainment content to discerning clients in for nearly entertainment system application. The first CM Series model to become available is the four-channel CM4-750, followed shortly thereafter by two-channel and three-channel versions — all based on a similar high performance platform. The CM4-750 delivers 750 watts in 70/100 volt mode, 500 watts at 8 ohms (stereo or mono output) and 750 watts at 2 or 4 ohms and 1,500 watts bridged into either a 70/100v and 8- or 4-ohm load. The amplifier also offers eight balanced analog inputs (four stereo) — plus four digital stereo inputs — digital coax and optical. The four outputs can be individually controlled or be controlled as two stereo pairs, giving commercial A/V integrators the system configuration flexibility they need to accommodate any system architecture. For maximum efficiency, system setup and diagnostics can be managed remotely via an IP web-based browser or app for PC, Mac, iOS and Android, facilitating control of the amplifier via IP and/or RS232. CM Series amplifiers are unique in the realm of 70-volt options because they offer the DSP control and signal matrixing capabilities developed by AudioControl for its Director Series amplifiers. These key features enable integrators to precisely tailor the sound by zone to any environment — from houses of worship, boardrooms, hospitality, collaboration suites and more. AudioControl’s 70-volt amplifiers also offer advanced graphic and parametric equalization along with onboard crossovers, enabling integrators to fine-tune the sound to any acoustic environment. AudioControl has a 40-plus year history of creating award-winning products for integrators and backing them up with superior customer service as well as a five-year warranty. The CM Series is slated to ship Q2, 2019.

Avalon G4 4/3/2 Channel Amplifier: The AudioControl Avalon G4 is a completely unique high-performance amplifier that combines outstanding performance with unmatched configuration flexibility ideal for nearly any entertainment application. The Avalon G4 is fully configurable to operate as a four-channel, three-channel or two-channel amplifier using intuitive rear panel controls, enabling commercial A/V integrators and theater designers to rely on this high-power/high-performance amplifier for many applications in cinema, dedicated music systems, distributed audio and upgraded sound for TVs, kiosks and more. The 2U rack space Avalon G4 delivers pristine performance from a Class H design, providing exceptional detail and clarity from even the most demanding loudspeakers thanks to an innovative and highly efficient Class H design that effortlessly achieves 230 watts/8 ohms or 300 watts/4 ohms into four channels all channels driven. The Class H design topology provides superb audio quality and bullet-proof reliability while reducing heat dissipation from a compact form factor. The Made in USA Avalon G4 has been designed as a perfect match to AudioControl’s Maestro M9 and M5 cinema processors and is ideally suited for immersive surround formats such as Dolby Atmos or as a premium standalone power amplifier for nearly any multi-zone entertainment system. The Avalon G4 features AudioControl’s LightDrive anti-clipping protection circuit, which protects loudspeakers from clipping and distortion even in extreme conditions such as a highly dynamic action movie soundtrack. On the Avalon G4, each pair of channels features hi/lo/bypass crossover controls, balanced (XLR) and unbalanced (RCA) inputs as well as RCA throughputs to achieve multiple configuration options. The Avalon G4 also features independent channel level controls, remote power control triggers, audiophile-grade five-way binding posts and can be ordered for either 110 or 220-volt operation.

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DM-RTA Room Calibration: The AudioControl DM-RTA is a sophisticated yet compact audio analyzer containing powerful analysis software designed to provide integrators with the features of a fully functioning oscilloscope, voltage meter, real time audio analyzer (RTA), SPL meter and polarity checker. This amazing tool enables integrators to overcome acoustic challenges and calibrate each system for best performance. Because integrators are always on the go, the DM-RTA was designed to be light weight, compact and durable. Input/output options are staggering, including balanced XLR inputs, phono and RCA style unbalanced inputs as well as speaker level inputs designed to make interface a snap. Digital outputs include optical, coax and USB. The DM-RTA is powered by a five-hour rechargeable battery so that it can be effortlessly deployed anywhere.

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Here’s a video of the CM-Series 70-Volt Amplifiers and the G4 Theater Power Amplifier from ISE 2019 below: